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Our Solutions Come to iWorld 2017-08-18

Office style revolution starts from us!

[COCOWORKING] A Creative Working Style 2017-08-17

The Airbnb for Working Spaces & Amenities

Let Smark One-Touch Machine Tell You About E-hub 2017-04-05

The E-hub may never be mysterious as before.

ITworks Partners with Top Commercial Real Estates 2017-03-05

Excellence Group and Qianhai United Development Holdings seek for cooperation with ITworks to provide better smart park services.

IDG, Another Respectable Partner of ITworks 2017-02-28

Internet giants such as Baidu, Tencent, Ctrip, Sohu, Dangdang and Kingdee are all listed in IDG's investment pool. Then today, IDG talked with us.

A New Prize for ITworks 2016-12-08

ITworks Wins Shenzhen Global Excellent Cooperative Institution for Investment Promotion.

A Global Financial Group Comes to China for a Startup 2016-12-05

Which startup gains the attention of a global financial group with 400 billion assets?

China-Korea Express Train is on the Way 2016-11-18

ITworks, Seoul Space and Invest Shenzhen have reached an agreement on a plan of building China-Korea Entrepreneurship & Innovation Express Train.