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Finding Local Partners

A right local partner should be someone who knows the market and knows how to get the market.
After all, this is China we are talking about.

Finding Local Partners

Whatever your role is- startup, SME, established organization; whatever your size is- micro, small, medium or big; A right partner will always help you, especially here in China.

For your products & services

There are people who can provide you with suggestion on how to localize your product to fit in Chinese market, and there are also people who can develop your prototype into products within a week. And we can get them all.

For branding & marketing

Your brand might be known in your home country, but making it known to the huge Chinese market is the key if you want it to be successful here. Luckily, we know where to find partner to help with your marketing strategy, provide you with effective press release, or promote your brand by organizing events & activities.

For selling & distribution

Partnering with someone who already has a developed distribution channels and a wide network of clients is the best choice. And we will try to connect you with them, or at least, connect with someone who knows where to find them.