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Landing in China

Starting from a place where you have limited or no knowledge of is a painful headache. We know that. That’s why we are working together with our partners and using the leverage we have gained through our network in China to help you build your foothold here.

Landing in China

Say you are a SME trying to tap into the vast Chinese market, or a well-established organization looking to expand to China, or are just simply interested in China; Take a look at what we are offering.

Smark Service Kit

Smark: An integrated platform designed for industrial parks, incubators & accelerators and organizations. Smark is a location-based online informatic and service platform that enable overseas players to connect to the local ecosystem, find valuable & reliable information, and present themselves to the vast audience in China.

The service kit includes everything you need to be connected, well-presented and active on Smark. Talk to us to learn more.

Market Strategy Consulting

China is simply too big and too diversified to be considered as one single market. You will need a brand new approach for your product or service. We dare not claim we know it all, but for those areas or sectors we are less confident in, at least we can pitch you to the right ones. 



Our current network covers a various industries, sectors and scales of industrial parks, incubators and associations; we are widely connected to the thousands of corporates, SMEs and Startups that are inside the ecosystem; we are also partnering with hundreds of investors, event organizers and local communities across the region. We are pretty confident that we have you covered.

Localization Consulting

ICP application, integration with Wechat or Weibo in your app, or providing China’s most commonly used e-wallet in your product…If any of these confuses you, you might need some of our help.

Supporting Services

We have partnered with 300+ professional service providers ranging from legal framework drafting, HR service to IDC server. They will be happy to provide you with what you need for your venture to China.