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What is D-Lounge

D-Lounge is an offline multi-functional space solution designed for business parks, office buildings and public spaces.
D-Lounge integrates new way of display and interaction into a traditional business lounge, making it informatic, engaging and relaxing.

Break Down Geographic Barrier

The Smark One-Touch Machine is what makes the space D-Lounge special. Embedded by our Smark software, the machine enables visitors browse through business parks, incubators of China and other country, get to know the startups and companies, know about the latest policy and market development, and sign up for the latest activity and event happening in every registered space.

High Frequency Interaction

Attracting more visitors by providing drinks, snack or salad bar carried by the new generation vending machine placed in the space.


Through different modules and designs, space provider is able to showcase its story, strength and service, providing visitors a full picture of the organization at a glance.


The LIVE module embedded in the Smark machine allows the visitors to be connected to different spaces real-time and take a tour into other spaces home and abroad.

Additional Revenues

Through conducting data survey, product display area, voting panel, or simply providing the vending machines can bring additional revenues to the space providers. The amount might be small, but attracting more traffic is what is valuable.