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What is Smark?

Smark: An integrated platform designed for business/tech parks, incubators & accelerators and organizations. Smark is a location-based online informatic and service platform that enable spaces to improve their management efficiency, improve their service and relationship with their tenants or startups, and to bring more value to their spaces.

  • Overall information of organizations home and aboard
  • Supply authentic enterprise big data
  • Browse through projects, technology and business needs globlly
  • Real-time push of notifications and events
  • Share via nearly all social medias such as Micro-Blog and WeChat
  • The first one to access to latest news, policy and regulations in China
  • Smartphone access on iOS and Android
  • Make online payments
  • A growing list of useful features

Simplifying Daily Management Tasks

Smark Business Park Management

All the tools you need to display yourself, organize files, process orders, assign property repairs tasks, push notifications, accept payments and communicate with enterprises in one single place. A management platform for space providers to showcase their organizations and services, to improve their management workflow, and to redefine their communication with tenants and associated startups and companies.

Connecting You And Your Business Park

Smark Enterprise Portal

Whatever stage you are in at present, Enterprise Portal lets you know what's happening in your business park, making interaction between you and your business park as well as employees. Wherever you are, you can manage your profiles, submit property repair application, book meeting rooms and do much more.

User-friendly, beautifully designed & fully functional features that will allow you reach to Chinese business market

Smark Mobile App

Information Display

Everything you need to know a park or incubator


Receive important updates
from anywhere at any time

Interaction & Communication

Talk and interact with different market players

Enterprise Name Card

Show yourself and get detailed
information of potential partners

Activity Management

Release your exclusive activities and
manage registration online

Add More Customized Modules

Put more and personalized services into
your pocket